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Dr. Komala has been an amazing doctor! She is an empathetic listener and is very well qualified to deal with gynecological issues. She patiently listens and explains each and every aspect of the problem with great ease. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone who is looking for their gynecological issues. It's after a long time that I could finally say that she could be my doctor for many more years to come! Thank you Doc!!
Ruchi Vij
Dr.Komala is an excellent gynaecologist. She is very patient and friendly. She spends a good amount of time with the patient to know all the medical history. She treated my mother in law for uterine prolapse and also performed vaginal hysterectomy surgery. My MIL was very comfortable with her. Dr. Komala is very compassionate and takes very good care of her patients.
Akila Subramanian
Dr. Komala is very experienced and best gynecologist we have come across. she has been very supportive and transparent in communication and has provided the best care. Highly satisfied with the experience at the hospital.
Sirisha C N
Consulted Dr. Komala from the beginning of my pregnancy period, we finally blessed with a healthy baby girl under the supervision of Dr. Komala maam..Maam guided us throughout the period, we feel blessed with guidance, support and console in hard times. I recommend Dr Komala maam.
Madhu H S
Dr.Komala is an amazing Doctor. Very kind and considerate towards her patients. She goes out of her way to take good care of her patients. She is not at all materialistic in her interactions with patients. She took care of my wife for the entire 9 months of her pregnancy and ensured that she had a natural birth.
ritwik vijayan
We are very satisfied with Dr komala ma'am 's consultation. We are blessed with baby girl via normal delivery. Komala ma'am was so kind, friendly and supportive throughout the delivery. She is a good and experienced doctor.
Radhika Hanumantharayappa

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